What is TyphoonPad?
The First NFT Led Multi-Chain Launchpad

Game Launches: A Fair Launching Platform

The flaw of conventional IDO launchpads is that they distribute tokens on a first come first serve basis, which is more of a kind of gamble where the native holders may or may not get access to the launched tokens. To get rid of this uncertainty, TyphoonPad establishes itself as a community-driven and fair launch platform that guarantees allocation for the Typhoon Genesis NFT holders based on a NFT+ tier system. TyphoonPad does not allow bots to fill in the whitelist spots that occur in most of the launchpads.

IDO: The Game Changer

Before Launchpad, blockchain projects staged their own Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to raise crypto funds for their own growth and development. Results have varied under this old approach, with each success story being matched by cautionary tales of failures and frauds, and crypto users lack necessary protections and were left on their own. The introduction of IDOs on traditional launchpad spurred a new paradigm under which projects can raise funds and users can support these projects in a more convenient and safer way.

TyphoonPad: The IDO Changer

TyphoonPad is the first NFT led multi chain next-generation Blockchain Incubator platform.
TyphoonPad aims to build a Multi-chain Launchpad to give users the best experience as the cryptocurrency/ blockchain industry gains global adoption.
TyphoonPad is a:

Next-generation Blockchain Incubator.

NFT led launchpad.

Multi-chain launchpad.

At TyphoonPad, we aim to replicate a fair, transparent, and collaborative process to ensure projects amicable results and suffice to succeed through a long-term outlook. Accomplished through our expertise, hands-on approach, and sheer dedication to the projects we launch and incubate. We impart resources that ignite and accelerate the rate of innovation, this may appease itself in the form of advisory, introductory network, or access to technical prowess.
Taking the right projects to the crypto enthusiastic community has always been a tedious task, and TyphoonPad gives projects the power to distribute tokens easily and raise funds. TyphoonPad community members enjoy access to micro-cap projects on the multi-chain network, minimizing the chance of loss of funds. TyphoonPad is a 100% decentralized launchpad dedicated to project launches.
TyphoonPad's first release would support BNB Chain which was known as Binance Smart Chain while the second release would integrate other community selected chains.
The TyphoonPad NFT& $TYP token holders will be incentivized with access to tokens that are launched. TyphoonPad has a low barrier to entry and anyone can get started relentlessly. TyphoonPad is an exclusive token launch platform for transformative projects that takes crowdfunding to a whole new level with safe and easy use of crypto assets to benefit the projects and their investors.
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Game Launches: A Fair Launching Platform
IDO: The Game Changer
TyphoonPad: The IDO Changer